Wilde Rose e.V

Owner of the hotel is Wilde Rose e.V. Interkulturelles Jugendnetzwerk im Bund Deutscher Pfadfinder_innen (BDP) [intercultural youth network within the Association of German Scouts] and Ambrosia Ltd., Munich.

„Wilde Rose“ aims for the education of young peopleregardless their background. Doing so, we especially focus on the promotion of self-dependence, raising a democratical and ecologial awareness and the equality of both genders.

The ideas of inclusion, tolerance and anti discrimination are practised in common leisure activities and projects. Here intercultural meetings and cultural activities like singing, music, theatre, dance, and hiking trips offer possibilities to test and live a common and peaceful togetherness.

Everyone is welcome to participate actively in „Wilde Rose“, no matter what ideology or background. But, there is a red line for racist or fascist behaviours and attidudes.